A key project for the development of SMEs in the DRC: PADMPME inaugurates a new era of prosperity and innovation

Home Economy A key project for the development of SMEs in the DRC: PADMPME inaugurates a new era of prosperity and innovation

Fatshimetrie, June 25, 2024 (ACP). A workshop of paramount importance was held yesterday in Fatshimetrie to thoroughly examine the final report of the project to support the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (PADMPME), with the aim of validating it for its implementation. This event brought together the main stakeholders involved, all committed to promoting entrepreneurship in the country.

Louis Kabamba Watum, Minister of Industry and Development of SMEs/SMIs, praised all stakeholders for their commitment and asked them to rigorously analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the project in order to ensure effective implementation. He stressed the importance of wealth creation for the country, not only for the current generation, but also for future generations, thus emphasizing the importance of social justice through entrepreneurship.

The workshop aimed to conduct an in-depth analysis of the PADMPME closing report and validate it by the stakeholders involved in the program. Louis Watum congratulated the project coordination unit for its exemplary work, as well as the technical and financial partners, including the World Bank, for their essential support throughout the process.

Thanks to this project, more than 7,720 women and young entrepreneurs have benefited from training and subsidies, giving a real boost to their activities. The results obtained so far reveal the effectiveness of this initiative, which has strengthened the resilience of participating SMEs.

Magueye Dia, Private Sector Development Specialist and PADMPME Task Team Leader at the World Bank, stressed that the good results obtained have enabled the government and the World Bank to conclude a new agreement, the “TRANSFORME” project, aimed at extending support beyond the initial framework of PADMPME.

Alexis Mangala, National Coordinator of the Coordination Unit, recalled that PADMPME, launched in 2018 for a period of 5 years, aimed to stimulate entrepreneurship and job creation, particularly for young people and women in several cities across the country. This initiative has promoted the creation of dynamic businesses and contributed to improving the business climate through appropriate legal and regulatory reforms.

In conclusion, PADMPME is positioned as a crucial pilot program for the diversification of the Congolese economy and the creation of an environment conducive to the growth of SMEs. The results obtained demonstrate the importance of supporting and encouraging entrepreneurship for the sustainable development of the country. ACP/C.L.

This version highlights the importance of entrepreneurship and the actions carried out to support the SME sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It underlines the commitment of the actors involved and highlights the positive impact of these initiatives on the national economy.

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