Portable, the “Wahala Musician”: The brand new single “Spiderman” which will shake the world of music in Nigeria

Home Sports Portable, the “Wahala Musician”: The brand new single “Spiderman” which will shake the world of music in Nigeria

The music world in Nigeria has been in turmoil since Portable, the industry’s self-proclaimed problem singer, announced the release of his upcoming single titled “Spiderman”. This title follows a recent incident where Portable attempted to flee the police by jumping over a fence, once again attracting attention from the media and his fans.

The singer, known for turning viral moments into hit songs, appears to use his tumultuous life as inspiration for his music. Indeed, after being arrested for not having paid in full for his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon earlier in the year, Portable reacted by releasing a song entitled “I’m Not A Prisoner”.

His previous hit, “Tony Montana”, in collaboration with British-Nigerian rapper Skepta, also caused a sensation. With his ability to transform the events of his life into music, Portable continues to position himself as a key figure in the Nigerian music industry, despite his run-ins with the law.

The announcement of “Spiderman” portends new success for Portable, who knows how to attract the public’s attention and create buzz around his music. Indeed, his ability to transform controversies into artistic opportunities makes him both a talented and provocative artist, a true phenomenon of the Nigerian music scene.

Through his songs, Portable appears to share his struggles and triumphs, providing his audience with an authentic and emotional musical experience. As “Spiderman” prepares to be unveiled, excitement is growing and expectations are high for this new opus which once again promises to make an impact.

Portable, the “Wahala Musician”, continues to push the boundaries of creativity and daring in the Nigerian music industry, building his reputation as a visionary and troublemaker. As the world eagerly awaits the release of “Spiderman”, one thing is certain: Portable continues to set the stage alight and leave its mark on the Nigerian music scene.

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