A new hope for Ituri: Apostle Roland Dalo on a mission of peace and evangelization in Bunia

Home Sociocultural A new hope for Ituri: Apostle Roland Dalo on a mission of peace and evangelization in Bunia

Fatshimetrie, the renowned online news media, recently reported the coming of Apostle Roland Dalo to Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo on May 13, 2024. As a visionary of the Philadelphia Mission Center, Pastor Dalo s met with the military governor of Ituri, Lieutenant General Luboya N’kashama, to discuss the current situation in the region.

In a surge of solidarity and commitment to lasting peace in Ituri, Apostle Roland Dalo pledged to be the spokesperson for the inhabitants of the province. His message is clear and reassuring: he wants to be their ambassador, ready to make their voices heard and work to improve the situation. This declaration aroused great hope among the local population, seeking stability and calm after years of conflict and turbulence.

Alongside this peace mission, the church led by Apostle Roland Dalo has launched an evangelization seminar which will take place from May 13 to 17, 2024. This initiative aims to serve the Lord and promote spiritual exchanges between the faithful and servants of God. Prayer occupies a central place in these meetings, offering participants a moment of meditation and communion around their common faith.

The arrival of the Apostle Roland Dalo in Bunia marks the beginning of a new era of hope and fraternity for the inhabitants of Ituri. His commitment to peace and spirituality resonates as a call for unity and reconciliation in a region marked by divisions and conflicts. As an emblematic figure of the religious community, Apostle Dalo embodies the hope of a better future for all, based on solidarity and mutual respect.

The evangelization seminar initiated by his church represents a unique opportunity to strengthen spiritual bonds between the faithful and strengthen their commitment to their faith. Beyond the speeches and prayers, a real call to action and unity is taking shape, carried by the benevolent and inspiring voice of the Apostle Roland Dalo. In these uncertain times, marked by tensions and conflicts, his presence in Bunia is a ray of light that warms hearts and gives hope to an entire community in search of peace and fraternity.

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