The silent tragedy of Rubaya: the call to action

Home International The silent tragedy of Rubaya: the call to action

“The dramatic situation currently prevailing in the Rubaya region, in North Kivu, raises serious concern about the fate of residents taken hostage by the M23/AFC rebels. National deputy Crispin Mbindule Mitomo recently alerted public opinion public on the abuses committed by these armed groups, including the forced exploitation of the local population to extract minerals, notably Coltan and Cassiterite.

The figures put forward by the MP are alarming: in just five days, more than 5,400 kg of Coltan and 3,250 kg of Cassiterite were extorted from mines in the region. These minerals are then transported illegally to Rwanda, thus highlighting the cross-border complicity in this trafficking. It is imperative to put an end to these illicit activities and to protect the inhabitants of Rubaya against this uncontrolled exploitation.

Faced with this worrying situation, MP Mbindule Mitomo’s call to the Congolese armed forces and local militias to intensify the fighting and liberate the occupied territory is more than necessary. It is essential to protect the civilian population and guarantee their security against these rebel groups who seek to impose their domination through terror.

As responsible citizens, it is also important to support the residents of Rubaya in their resistance against these terrorists. They must not give in to pressure and must sabotage mining operations to weaken the rebels’ illicit economy. Solidarity and courage are the key words to face this critical situation and guarantee a better future for the population of Rubaya.

It is high time that the international community took concrete steps to put an end to these human rights violations and restore peace to the North Kivu region. Justice must be served and those responsible for these crimes must be brought to justice for their actions. Only a collective effort and coordinated action will make it possible to put an end to this tragedy which is striking the population of Rubaya.”

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