“GABON: The suspension maintained by ECCAS – What future for the country?”

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“GABON: The suspension maintained by ECCAS – What future for the country?”

Political news in Gabon continues to arouse interest and questions. Indeed, the country’s suspension within the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) is maintained despite the efforts made for a peaceful and inclusive transition.

This decision was taken at the recent ECCAS summit in Djibloho, Equatorial Guinea, where representatives of member countries decided to maintain the suspension of Gabon until the return to constitutional order. This decision was taken despite recognition of the peaceful and inclusive nature of the Gabonese transition which saw General Brice Oligui Nguema take power following the August coup.

This suspension represents an obstacle to the reintegration of Gabon on the international scene. Indeed, since the coup, the country has been suspended from the African Union and condemned by Western capitals. Reintegration would have been a first step towards a normalization of relations and an opening to economic and diplomatic opportunities.

However, this decision to maintain the suspension is viewed negatively by some African leaders, particularly those in the Central African region who are known for their longevity in power. The overthrow of a head of state by a member of his praetorian guard, supposed to guarantee their continued power, could be seen as a threat to their own political stability.

Despite everything, General Brice Oligui Nguema affirmed his desire to return power to civilians at the end of the transition. This transition is expected to last two years, with elections scheduled for August 2025. However, allegations that General Oligui is preventing former President Ali Bongo from going out or receiving visits from his relatives are raising concerns about the real intention of a democratic transition.

It therefore remains to be seen how this situation will evolve and whether Gabon will manage to restore political stability and reintegrate on the international scene. In the meantime, the suspension of Gabon by the ECCAS continues to make headlines and raises many questions about the future of the country and the region.

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